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Why the words on your site are important

You want your website visitors to gain a clear understanding of what you do within just a few seconds of being on your site.

Writing your own copy can be a daunting task and quite often, people make the mistake of writing website copy from their own point of view, rather than thinking about what will be useful or attractive to website visitors.

In addition, when you’ve written something and have read it a million times, it can be easy to make mistakes with spelling, grammar, etc. Isn’t it worth having someone else have a read through just in case?

How can a blog help your business?

Did you know that blogs that as well as creating trust with potential customers through answering questions and demonstrating your knowledge, that they can have great SEO benefits too!

Do you want to blog but don’t know where to start? Read on and see how we could help…

How can Tiernan Marketing help?

Copywriting services

Whether you need content writing from scratch or just want some friendly feedback, we’re here to help. Our Leicester copywriting services include:

  • Reviewing existing copy on your website;
  • Providing you with our feedback;
  • Helping to rewrite copy or write new content from scratch;
  • Writing for your audience.



We can help with:

  • Blog strategy including how often you should blog and what to blog about;
  • Blogging tips and tricks;
  • Writing blogs on your behalf.