Twitter-iconSocial media is an essential marketing tool for any business. It’s free, easy to use and offers access to a whole pool of potential customers and advocates for your business. One of the simplest social media platforms is Twitter – here is a lowdown of how you can make it work for you and your business.

Twitter was launched in July 2006 and since then 300 billion tweets have been sent worldwide, with the average time a user spending 170 minutes per month on Twitter – so you can see just how many people are engaged on this social media outlet and just how many people you potentially can reach out to.


Tweets: A 140-character message you compose and ‘Tweet’ to the world

Hashtags: A way of attributing a relevant word to a Tweet. If a user clicks on this word then they will be shown all tweets with this same word.

Re-Tweet: Tweeting another user’s tweet on your own Twitter timeline.

Modified-Tweet: Sharing someone else’s Tweet on your own timeline but having to modify it to fit within the 140 characters.

Top Tips

  1. Images. Tweets with images have five-times the engagement rate. If you want your tweets to catch users’ attention, include images.
  2. Hashtags. One or two is the perfect number, Tweets with one or two hashtags have a 21 per cent higher engagement than those with three or more.
  3. Ask for re-Tweets. Tweets asking followers to re-Tweet have a 23-times higher RT rate.
  4. Use the weekend. Engagement rates for brands are 17 per cent higher on the weekend but only 19 per cent of a business’ tweets are on a weekend.
  5. Engage. Don’t use twitter just to sell or promote your services. Engage with people, reply to their tweets, offer them tips based on your business expertise, talk about what is current.
  6. The perfect number. Six-eight Tweets a day is the perfect number of tweets you should aim for per day.
    Shorten links. Before posting shorten links so as to maximise your 140 characters. Use and to do this.


If you’d like to arrange a training session, or need help managing your Twitter profile, simply get in touch.