linkedin-logoWelcome to the second in a series of posts about setting up your company pages and profiles on social media networks -this time we’re focusing on LinkedIn.

Chances are you already have a personal account on LinkedIn with plenty of connections but what about promoting your business? LinkedIn is the ‘professional social network’ with over 175 million users! So for many businesses, particularly those in B2B, this is a great place to promote your company services and products.


Where to start

Firstly, you’ll need to visit // and click on ‘Add a company’:


Fill out the company name and your email address*.

*The email address you give will need to contain your company name or at least part of it. For example, if your company name is ‘XYZ Company, then the email address should be something like ‘’.

You’ll also need to tick the box that verifies you as an official representative of the company.

Once you’ve done this, your page will be created and you’ll find yourself on the overview page or ‘home’ tab.


Edit your company page

Basic information

On the overview page you’ll need to complete some basic company information. LinkedIn require that you complete:

  • Company description
  • Company type
  • Company size
  • Website URL
  • Main industry
  • Operating status

You also have the option to include the date the company was founded, as well as location details (you can add up to five locations).

Furthermore, LinkedIn gives you the option to include designated admins for the page. You can do this by typing the name of the person you want to add in the box but you must be connected to the person you want to add to include them as an admin (i.e. they must be a member of LinkedIn and you should have them as a connection on your own profile).


You can add three types of images to your page:

1. Header image – this should be 646×220 pixels at the least and you can always crop the image once you’ve uploaded it;
2. Standard logo – this will be resized to fit 100×60 pixels;
3. Square logo – this is used in network updates and will be resized to fit 50×50 pixels.

If you don’t know how to make your images the right size, get in touch and we’ll give you a hand.

Other options

  • Add up to 8 company specialities – a great way to showcase the specifics of what your business offers to its clients;
  • Featured groups – let people know what groups you’re a part of so that they can find your there. You can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise by starting a discussion or commenting on other discussions in the groups.

You can make further changes to your business information at any time, just by clicking ‘Edit’ in the top right corner.


Add services and/or products

You’ll want to showcase what your business has to offer and the best way to do so is to add some information in the services/products section. Just click dropdown arrow next to the ‘edit’ button and select ‘add product or service’.

This will bring up 11 steps to guide you through the process:

1.  Choose between a product or service (compulsory) – select the appropriate category for your business;

2.  Select a category (compulsory) – there are currently 30 categories to choose from so again, just select the appropriate one for your business;

3.  Give your product/service a name (compulsory) – fairly self-explanatory really – what is that you’re offering or selling?

4.  Add an image (optional) – images tend to attract more attention, so choose carefully and be aware that it will be resized to 100×80 pixels;

5.  Add a description (compulsory) – give people a brief description of your product/service so that they understand exactly what it is that you offer;

6.  List some key features (optional) – you can add up to ten key features here;

7.  Add a URL (optional) – don’t just add a generic link to your website’s homepage. Instead, link to the page on your website that will give the specific information about the product/service you’re offering;

8.  Add a company contact (optional) – you can add up to three contacts, so if there you or someone else in the business is dedicated to a specific product or service, this is a good place to give that contact information. Note: anyone you add here must be on LinkedIn!

9.  Add a promotion (optional) – if you have a special promotion on, you can give the details in this bit. You might even consider adding a promotion specifically for those contacting you via LinkedIn to provide a bit of exclusivity…

10.  Steps 10 and 11 give you the opportunity to showcase what you offer through the use of YouTube. So, if you have a YouTube video available that demonstrates your product or service, this is the place to include it!

LinkedIn also give you the option to add a ‘disclaimer’ to your product or service. Do so if you feel it is necessary – probably more relevant for products.


Add some content and gain followers

Now that you’ve created your basic page, you’ll want to share some content.

You might consider a ‘hello and welcome to our company page’ type message as a starting point.

Posts containing images and links tend to get much more engagement than simple text updates – experiment and find out what your audience likes the most.

Recently, LinkedIn have introduced insights for company page updates, which you will see under each post that you make. They appear like this:


You might also want to promote your new page on your other social networks so that people know they can catch up with you on LinkedIn too!


Check your analytics

From the dropdown next to the ‘edit’ button, you can select to view two types of insights:

  1. Follower insights – find out more about the type of people who are following your company page and how engaged they are with your company updates;
  2. Page insights – information about the overall number of page views, as well as page visitor demographics and unique visitors.


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