facebook-for-businessOne in nine people on Earth have a Facebook account, and if it was a country, it would be the third largest in the world, after China and India. Can you imagine the kind of reach you would have with a Facebook account? Ok, so you probably won’t even interact with 10 per cent of all users, but the possibilities are endless… Social media can be confusing, scary, time consuming and at times dangerous (if you’re not using it correctly). But, if you use it right, it can open up a lot of doors and more importantly, it is a free, easy-to-access tool for all business owners out there. Here are five reasons outlining why you should be using Facebook to market your business:

1. The numbers

It was briefly mentioned above, but with over 30million UK users alone, you’ll be exposing your business to so many potential customers it doesn’t make sense not to open an account.

2. Brand loyalty

A business page allows you to start building brand loyalty. It’s a space where you can interact with your customers; they can share, comment and like your posts and ideally will keep coming back for more. If your message is strong enough, they will most likely make a return purchase, or think of you first when they need to make a new one.

3. Increased web traffic

At the end of the day you want to get people onto your website and then once they’re there, let your amazing site do all the selling. One of the best ways to get people onto your website is by using links to blog posts, competitions and other information. You should see a sharp rise in the number of unique visitors if you follow this method.

4. Spy on the enemy

I suppose enemy sounds harsh, should we say competition? Facebook Pages have a feature called ‘pages to watch’ which enables you to add any competitor’s page to your list and keep an eye on them. This can come in handy to compare how your page is performing against theirs and you might learn a few tips too.

5. Engagement

Simply using social media is not enough. You want your audience to engage with you, because if they do, you have a bigger chance of convincing them to buy your product and/or service. A study conducted by Mashable found that on average, Facebook got 8.7 times more clicks than a tweet, which means if you want people to click on your blog posts, news or any other informative articles – Facebook is the way to go!


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